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The beautiful country of Austria, in central Europe, is rarely overlooked by tourists looking to experience the more cultured side of the continent. Austria openly flaunts its rich heritage and this is especially true in Vienna, the City of Music.

Vienna attracts tourists all year round, and one could easily argue over which time of year is best to visit. Attractions like the stunning Schönbrunn Palace and the Mariazell Basilica are two of the most visited places in the city. While the vineyards of the Danube Valley or the ski slopes of the towering Alps each draw visitors from far and wide.

One could also visit the city of Salzburg. This is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and is often the site of people looking for inspiration in their music and art. The majestic Lippizan horses at the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna are also quite a sight to behold.

Austria has a temperate continental climate, and often suffers from erratic weather changes. Summer is generally from June to September and temperatures tend to hover around 25° C, but they can rise quite steadily. Winter is from December to March and temperatures can drop quickly, especially in the Alpine region, to lower than -10° C.

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