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As the most visited continent in the world, it's no secret that Europe has a lot to offer, even for the most seasoned traveller. From the laid-back shores of the Mediterranean, to the almost clockwork precision of Scandinavia, Europe has an appeal like no other place on Earth.

Travel in the region is incredibly easy. Buses, trains and budget airlines crisscross around with little care for the archaic border controls forced upon travellers in other parts of the world. This is definitely part of its appeal and often travellers will visit several countries during their stay. But, as with many other continents, you simply cannot take in all of Europe in one sitting.

The bustling cities of London, Paris and Berlin are legendary tourist destinations in their own rite, while places like Tuscany in Italy, or Catalonia in Spain have their own, unique character. You can gaze upon some of the world's most famous artworks as you tour the Louvre Museum in Paris, or you can take a walk through London's West End theatre district. For the more adventurous or young at heart, you can party the night away on the Spanish resort island of Ibiza.

Europe has some of the world's best ski resorts, and the Alps, between Italy and France, offer excellent conditions if you're looking to hit the slopes. The south of France is known the world over for its beautiful beaches, while one can easily spend days hopping between the Greek islands. Head further north, into Scandinavia, and catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. While you're there, hop into a sauna in Finland or visit the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

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